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In mountain
In ski resort
On the Sea
In Black Sea Resort
Mineral wather & In SPA
In Village
In City
1 bedroom flat
2 bedroom flat
Under 10 000
10 001 - 20 000
20 001 - 30 000
30 001 - 40 000
Over 40 000
House Flour
Town of Plovdiv, Old town
House floor,
160 sq.m., 1 floor
code 00401
185,000.00 EU
Plovdiv District, Sokolitca
57 dk.,
code 10-Г-1
85,000.00 BGN
Plovdiv District, Zelenikovo
80 dk.,
code 10-Г-2
500.00 BGN
Town of Plovdiv, Centre
103 sq.m., 6 floor
code НК 15
131,500.00 EU
Plovdiv District, Trud
4370 sq.m.,
code 10-Г-2
22.00 EU
Plovdiv District, Trud
2000 sq.m.,
code 10-Г-3
25.00 EU
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As part of that service, the company operates with a wide range of contacts in the industry, enabling it to draw on many years of expertise within and outside of the company.

This backup support is what makes Inter Argument able to offer clients up to date and experienced advice and guidance in the property market.

This includes:
  • Property search
  • Special searches and supply of property information
  • Arranging visits
  • Viewing properties
  • Price negotiations on behalf of the client
  • Inter Argument maintains in-house legal expertise and can draw on lawyers external to (but associated with) the company in order to provide legal services to clients.
  • This specific expertise and familiarity with emerging property law, enables Inter Argument to offer legal advice to clients, guide them through the legal process, prepare legal documentation and complete legal process on their behalf.
  • Legal documentation includes: preliminary contracts, rental contracts, Notary Deeds (final contracts).
  • Legal processes include registration of limited companies, registration of property ownership, registration of Tax purposes and legal administration.
  • Inter Argument will also advise and represent client through the specific legal registrations for new built properties, arrange the change of function of property and prepare specific legal documentation that may be needed.
  • Inter Argument offers services to clients intended to be of use to purchasers who will be not remaining in Bulgaria .
  • For purchases that cannot be completed within the length of the clients visit (for example older properties that would need a more detailed search) Inter Argument can continue the purchase process (or even complete the purchase of a property) on behalf of a client, once the initial intention to purchase the property has been established (e.g. the preliminary contract has been signed).
  • Inter Argument can provide a service to securing a property once purchased (e.g. arranging insurance for the property, ensuring that it is physically secure and making regular checks).
  • Inter Argument has the experience of managing the completion of new built properties (which are typically handed over with concrete floors and plastered walls). Completion of such properties involves project management and coordination of the fitting of kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, decorating and electric lighting). Inter Argument offers an interior design service in consultation with the owner and a project management service to implement the design in properties of all ages.
  • Inter Argument provides property management, maintenance and letting services. This includes advertising, searching for and identifying tenants to rent the property, preparing and arranging the signing of the rental contract, collecting the rent and transferring money into your bank, financial administration and regular reporting of the accounts, maintaining the property, interfacing with the tenant and necessary utility companies on behalf of the property owner.
  • Inter Argument offers a free service to keep owners informed of the current market value of their property. Clients can specify their aims for reselling of existing properties and their future investment intentions. Inter Argument will work to provide property options in line with the client's intentions and would coordinate the sale of existing properties with the purchase of new properties.
The service packages, offered by Inter Argument to our customers comprise each aspect of the management process from the moment of completion of the property or its purchase, through its reconstruction, furnishing, categorization, putting-up for renting out, proper advertisement, collection of income, payments, maintenance, security, servicing of companies, etc. These service packages are properly combined with view of the overall satisfying of the customers’ demands, so that they can get advantage only and solely of these services, which they need and consider important and useful for each of their properties.
  • Full maintenance, management and letting

    Inter Argument offers this service to ease the owners of properties in our country, and guarantee significant return on their investment. We take care of the whole maintenance, management and letting for you, which saves you a lot of concern and gives you the opportunity to have a property working for you while you are away. The annual fee is 500 E.
  • Property letting
    This service is meant for owners who have ensured the maintenance and the cleaning of their property personally or by using the services of another broker agency, and they want to return their investment by renting their property out. Our commission is from 15% to 30% from the gross rental income in case of short rental term ( 1-29 nights) or in case of long rental term ( 29 nights and more) we charge a commission of 50% from the first monthly rental.
  • Real Estate Service and Management
    Inter Argument offers this service to owners who do not want to rent out their properties or they do it personally, or work with another agency. If you take advantage of our offer we will engage ourselves with and will guarantee effective and high quality management and services for your property. For this service we charge 250 E annually.
  • NB
    Please, have in mind that for properties situated outside cities/resorts where our offices are located, we charge further 0,20 E/km to cover the transport costs.
  • Maintenance of Common Parts of Buildings
    Inter Argument offers this service to owners of properties to answer the necessity of serious maintenance of their gardens, swimming pools and common parts, so that they are clean and in proper state in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation. Maintenance is extremely important for holiday apartments which are offered for rent. The annual charge is calculated according to the total area of your property and it varies between 5 – 12 E/sq.m.( with VAT included) per year.
  • Cleaning and Washing
    Inter Argument has a highly qualified team of hygienists, who do the cleaning of your whole property as well as washing of towels and linen. Owners, who do not have opportunity or do not wish to do this, can take advantage of this service. The charge is defined by the property area and condition and it varies between 8 – 15 E per hour.
  • Accountancy and Administrative Servicing
    According to the Bulgarian legislation all foreign investors who have bought properties in our country as legal entities can be provided with accountancy and administrative services for the limited companies registered by them, so that they observe strictly all laws of Republic of Bulgaria .
  • For companies registered with the sole purpose of purchasing a property or those which do not perform any activity, we charge 200 E per year, which covers the annual tax report and the annual tax return preparation and submission in the local Tax Office.

    If your company is an active one, the tax is to be paid each month and it is a subject of further negotiation, depending on the services required.

We will show you everything we have available depending on your demands, in time convenient for you.

When you have arranged a trip to Bulgaria, it will be a pleasure for us to meet you, book accommodation for you in a hotel in accordance with your requirements, and will assist to rent a car so you can be independent in your travel around the country or we could take you to the property you have selected to view the place and get a first hand impression about what you intend.
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